February 18, 2018

When Mia comes to the Optometrist.

When Mia comes to the Optometrist. What can Kiddies Eye Care offer? Appointment only fittings for proper fitting for every child by an experienced optometrist or frame stylist. One of the biggest range in babies and children spectacles size, colours and choice Lightweight frames...

FUN FACT….Did you know?

Did you know. ….The first 14 days after birth are the most crucial for the development of Good Vision for your baby. If a baby was placed in a dark room or had its eyes covered for the first 14 days of his or her life, they run the risk of never being able to develop...

Kiddies Eye Care sponsoring Williamstown’s Little Athletics Personal Best Program

Supporting PB at Williamstown Little Athletics and Kiddies Eye Care
  Very happy to support children outdoors being active. Outdoor play helps prevent myopia, where individuals can develop shortsightedness. It is recommended that children spend at least two hours a day in the natural daylight… Good work kids and parents at Williamstown...