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Children’s vision

Children’s Vision

Children's Vision

Understanding children’s vision is a special skill that requires an understanding of not only eye care but also childhood development and visual processing.

At Kiddies Eye Care we take a special interest in the diagnosis and management of vision disorders in children. Our aim is ensure that every child we treat achieves the clearest vision possible.

Our specialised children’s eye examinations are designed to ensure that your child has healthy eyes, clear vision and effective visual processing skills for life. Our most important priority is for children to leave our rooms having had fun. Tests are not tests. Instead, each test is a game, aimed at the level of each childs' ability. No child ever leaves feeling that they have failed or let anyone down.

How many times have your children complained of the following?

• My vision is blurry
• I have a headache
• I can’t see the board from the back of the room
• I need to get closer to see the board
• I see double when I look close
• My eyes are watery
• My eyes are red and sore

How many times have YOU noticed your children do the following?

• Close one eye to focus
• Dislike reading but are good at math
• Eyes not looking in the same direction
• Frequent blinking
• Hold the book very close
• Poor eye hand coordination playing sports
• Repeat the same line or skip lines when reading
• Skip words when reading
• Tilting or turning head to see
If your child displays any of the above symptoms, we recommend a comprehensive eye test with a paediatric optometrist..

In addition to testing, we also provide treatment for vision conditions which affect early childhood development and school age learning. Our range of eye frames caters for newborns to adult sizes. We offer contact lens fittings for suitable patients and will go on to evaluate children that may require Visual processing assessments. No child is ever too young to be tested. Early intervention is the best possible course of action for most children.