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children’s healthcare

My Grade 4 child had Amblyopia/Lazy eye.

When we first met Miss C, she was only booked in for a routine eye examination simply because her brother was having an eye test. No one suspected that she might have an eye problem. Much to both mum’s, mine and Miss C’s surprise, her right eye was totally blurred....

Childhood Blindness

Childhood Blindness The eye is the mechanism required to relay visual images to the brain for us to see. It requires that all components including iris, cornea, lens, retina work in a coordinated fashion to promote clear vision. A malfunctioning of any of these parts can cause...

Juvenile Type 1 diabetes

  Does your child have Juvenile Type 1 Diabetes?  Do you know what the four T’s of Type 1 diabetes are? Do you know the Four T signs of Type 1 Diabetes?  It is important to raise awareness,  remember them and know what to do if they spot them.   Diabetic...