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special needs

My Grade 4 child had Amblyopia/Lazy eye.

When we first met Miss C, she was only booked in for a routine eye examination simply because her brother was having an eye test. No one suspected that she might have an eye problem. Much to both mum’s, mine and Miss C’s surprise, her right eye was totally blurred....

Autism Awareness Month- The Misunderstood Child

Autism Awareness – THE MISUNDERSTOOD CHILD ‘I am the child that looks healthy and fine. I was born with ten fingers and toes. But something is different, somewhere in my mind, And what it is, nobody knows. I am the child that struggles in school, Though they say that...

Eye care for Autism and special needs

Once upon a time this little girl got standard glasses from an ordinary optometry clinic that didn’t cater for children with special needs or autism. She never wore them.  Autism raises a persons awareness to their world in a way we can’t imagine.  Many children...

Ocular Albinism – Diminished Melanin in the eyes, skin and hair.

Albinism is the lack of pigmentation called melanin,  that leads to lighter coloured hair, skin and eyes. Diminished melanin in the eyes cause albinism. Ocularalbinism  (OA) is much less common and involves primarily the eyes. In OA the skin and hair are not affected,  (in fact...