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My Grade 4 child had Amblyopia/Lazy eye.

When we first met Miss C, she was only booked in for a routine eye examination simply because her brother was having an eye test. No one suspected that she might have an eye problem. Much to both mum’s, mine and Miss C’s surprise, her right eye was totally blurred....

Marcus Gunn Jaw Winking Syndrome

        Marcus Gunn first described the syndrome in 1883. Marcus Gunn phenomenon or ‘jaw’ winking phenomenon’ is seen in 4 to 6% of congenital ptosis patients It is believed that the nerves have strayed so the motor division of the trigeminal nerve is...

Esotropia in Children – Turned in or Crossed eyes

  Esotropia in children and adults is a type of strabismus or eye misalignment. In esotropia, the eyes are “crossed”; that is, while one eye looks straight ahead, the other eye is turned in toward the nose. This inward turn of the eyes can begin in infancy or...