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Testing kids

My Grade 4 child had Amblyopia/Lazy eye.

When we first met Miss C, she was only booked in for a routine eye examination simply because her brother was having an eye test. No one suspected that she might have an eye problem. Much to both mum’s, mine and Miss C’s surprise, her right eye was totally blurred....

Cataracts adult and infantile

When cataracts block blight coming in and out of the eye. Had a big Kiddie 50+ today and an 18 month old both with the same reflection. Has your baby been tested? Would you know?

Fussy eaters could be faced with blindness – Vitamin A deficiency

‘Fussy eaters’ could be faced with blindness, eyesight experts warn.   Chan Moore was a young boy who started to lose his vision. Australian mum Kerry Moore had tried ophthalmologists and pediatricians, a children’s hospital and an adult hospital, light...

Eye care for Autism and special needs

Once upon a time this little girl got standard glasses from an ordinary optometry clinic that didn’t cater for children with special needs or autism. She never wore them.  Autism raises a persons awareness to their world in a way we can’t imagine.  Many children...

Trichiasis- the Ingrowing Eyelashes

Trichiasis- the Ingrowing Eyelashes that scratch your Cornea Do you have a foreign body sensation in your eye?  Is the eye red and irritated yet not sore enough to worry about? Trichiasis is when one or more but usually not all your eyelashes are facing the wrong direction and...

Testing kids for best Performance

In order to test kids, it is important to -like kids -be interested in kids -understand how to elicit the best performance in kids and to -still think you are a kid.