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What we do?

Finding out that your child has a vision problem can be an overwhelming experience. Fortunately, Kiddies Eye Care is designed to make the entire process simple and enjoyable.

At Kiddies Eye Care we’re committed to working with families, schools, doctors and other professionals to ensure the best possible outcome for every child. Eye examinations may involve a few appointments for some children.

An initial vision examination involves assessing your child’s vision and determining the best corrected outcome. Our aim is to achieve excellent clarity of vision in each eye. We also assess whether both eyes are working together to achieve correct 3D vision. This may involve the need for glasses, eye exercises, further assessments or other treatment or referral.

Follow up visits may be required to achieve correct 3D vision for your child. This is often the case when children present with one eye seeing much more than the other. Often drops will be required to help assess the potential of the eyes, particularly the eye with substantially reduced vision.

The ocular health examination is also completed in most cases on the first visit. This involves the examination of the optic nerve, macula, lens and cornea. Many ocular and health diseases can be excluded including paediatric Glaucoma, congenital cataracts and Retinoblastomas.

Some children may require further Visual Perception Assessments.

Perceptual vision is a skill that enables a child’s brain to correctly understand and process what their eyes are seeing. This skill is especially important once your child is ready to read. Our visual perception tests are based around what the brain sees, rather than just what the eyes see. What the eye sees may not always be what the brain observes. This is often seen with reversal of letters and numbers.

At Kiddies Eye Care our optometrist is experienced in conducting visual perception testing.

Reports for maternal health nurses, general practitioners, psychologists, teachers and other allied health professionals are also available.

Kiddies Eye Care and its staff understand that 80% of what a child learns is through its vision. Parents will often do the right thing and have their childs' vision tested only to be let down by poorly fitted, and ill advised frame recommendations.

Parents can now avoid the following and come to Kiddies Eye Care for the best understanding in what babies and children need:

-Bridge being too wide resulting in the fames constantly falling down a child's nose.

-Narrow trendy frames allowing for children to look over them, thus not looking through the lenses.

-Children with ASD or have high sensory issues, not able to leave their frames on.

-Flat or non existent nose bridges that struggle to hold frames where they should.

What can Kiddies Eye Care offer?

-Appointment only fittings for proper fitting for every child by an experienced optometrist or frame stylist

-One of the biggest range in babies and children spectacles size, colours and choice

-Lightweight frames weighing as little as 7g catering for babies, ASD and indivisduals with high sensory issues.

-Custom fitted glsses for Down Syndrome patients

-Baby glasses with headbands that can fit large prescriptions. (Largest script to date has been +27)

-Some brands with unconditional warranty

-Access to custom made lens labs to cater for high power and specialised thinner lenses.

-Affordable prices for every individual

-Direct HICAPS claiming

-Shaw lens technology

-Blue light UV protection multicoat.

-Transition lenses

There is nothing we cannot strive to do for all our patients so just give us a call and ask.