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Melbourne Children's Behavioural Optometrist


Behavioural optometry

Welcome to Kiddies Eye Care, the family eye care Optometrists in Melbourne. From infants to school kids, all the way to parents and grandparents, we are dedicated to ensuring the best ocular health for your children and family. 

Our Children's Behavioural Optometrist not only takes into account the quality of your child’s vision, but also how they process visual information. This approach helps us to detect common eye problems that can result in developmental delays and learning difficulties. We also offer Visual Processing Analysis with detailed reports for teachers and parents. 

Our child friendly processes and testing equipment are especially designed to make your child’s visit pleasant and entertaining. We also use child friendly tools and developmental assessments to analyse your child’s vision in comfortable and stress-free environment.

One in four children has a vision problem. Many Australian children suffer from undiagnosed eye problems leading to learning delays and difficulties in educational and life milestones.

Sight & Vision

At Kiddies Eye Care our goal is to help children achieve the clearest possible vision and vision perception, for success in learning and life.

We do this in a fun, safe and secure environment for all patients.


Why choose us?

When was the last time your child had their eyes checked?

At Kiddies Eye Care, we understand that good vision is not purely based on good sight. Eye movement, eye structure, vision focusing, and visual guidance are all part of our standard eye examinations. We strive to ascertain your child’s vision and establish a plan to not only better it, but also train their eyes in the long term.

Visual processing analysis reporting for learning difficulties available if required.

At Kiddies Eye Care, you will be pleased to know that our examinations are painless, and most children actually have a lot of fun.

As well as this, most parents also come away feeling well informed and knowing exactly what the needs of their children are.

As specialists in children’s eye care, we recognise and treat the common signs of vision disorders in children. We believe in preventative treatment and aim to combat vision problems after early detection.

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